New Blackboard Analytics user requests should come from supervisors.

There aer currently 3 areas of Bb Analytics users: 1. Student (including Financial Aid), 2. Finance, 3. Advancement. A 4th area, HR, has yet to be implemented, so there are currently no security groups for this area as of July 2018.

When setting up new users, please follow these steps:

1. AD - add the user to the AD security group that's appropriate for their area:

    a. BbA Users (student)

    b. BbA Finance Users

    c. BbA Advancement Users

    d. A4L (Blackboard Analytics for Learn)

2. Pyramid Admin - add the user in the Pyramid Administrator tool (http://bbapp/admin)

    a. In the Users tab, use the + button; add either:

        i. Individual User

        ii. AD group

    b. Assign "Users" role to new user(s) or "Admin" role to new Admin User(s) -new Admin should be very rare

    c. Assign License type. Default to "Analyst" for basic report writers; other options are Consumer, Viewer, Professional.

        Select the "Use free pre-activated seats if available" option

3. Grant read access to documentation share: \\owcc-r-04\Ellucian (Banner) Project\Implementation & Education Plans\Blackboard\TRAINING

4. Send the following email to the new user(s) and the requester:



You should now have access to the Pyramid Training Guide pdf, as well as other documentation here:

\\owcc-r-04\Ellucian (Banner) Project\Implementation & Education Plans\Blackboard\TRAINING

If you have trouble accessing this folder or its documents, please contact the IT Help Desk.


Feel free to make your own copy of these files on your local computer. I am currently working on providing most of this information online for easy access, and will include you all on the Pyramid Users notification emails when these resources become available.


The login URL for the Pyramid/Blackboard analytics tool is http://bbapp

Use your network id and password to log in.

*You need to include the domain when you type your login name (e.g. nwfsc\smithb1).

 Always use Internet Explorer to access the Pyramid/Blackboard Analytics tool.

 When you log in to the Pyramid Analytics interface (BI Office), there are some useful links near the top-right of the screen underneath your name.

You may need to disable your browser’s popup blocker to access these features.
The Help link takes you to the full set of Pyramid documentation with table of contents, index, glossary, search, etc.

The Tutorials link lets you access a number of 4 to 6 minute video tutorials. I recommend viewing the “Navigating Content in BI Office” and “Export Content from BI Office” before getting started.

Use the File menu near the top-left to browse for existing reports.
Click on FileàOpenàFolders to view the existing report directories.

Pyramid stores all its reports and dashboards inside “Workbooks,” similar to worksheets inside an Excel Workbook. Every report or dashboard must be contained inside a workbook; each workbook can contain 1 or more reports/dashboards.

(workbooks) (reports)

You can copy a workbook to your Personal Content folder by right-clicking it and using the copy/paste commands, just like Windows.
Please feel free to copy any workbooks into your personal folders.

Some final notes:

1. This data is refreshed nightly, so it can be up to 24 hours old.
2. The first phase of our Blackboard Analytics project, Student and Financial Aid is about 95% complete.
3. Finance and Advancement are in the initial stages of development, so these reports may be visible, but are not ready for public consumption.
4. We are currently working with members of the Student team to validate the reports delivered by Blackboard. This process is in its early stages. Reports that get official sign-off are being placed in the *NWFSC Official Report Repository under the Public Content folder. Please view reports outside this directory with caution, and always ask for validation assistance before sharing your data with others.

Please let us know if you have any problems logging in or you have any questions.