Once in a while, one of the BankMobile checks needs to be reversed and it’s needed ASAP, but since we mark all BankMobile checks as reconciled and Banner doesn’t allow for reversals once checks are reconciled, we will need to go in and change the ‘F’ in fabchks_recon_ind field to null. I am getting them to put in a ticket in case I’m not here so I thought I would share the code with you. I will put it in the ticket as well.

A request for this might look like: "...FABCHKS_CHECK_NUM is H0002445 remove the "F" from FABCHKS_RECON_IND..."

*Note: Anyone running this code would need SELECT/UPDATE access to FABCHKS

select *
from fabchks
where fabchks_check_num = 'H0002077';

update fabchks
set fabchks_recon_ind = null
where fabchks_check_num = 'H0002077';