Pre-DFNP (reports for Business & Academics)

  1. Rebuild views: XTVBALA, XTVBALB, XTVBALC with new term code
    *note: XTVBALD is built on XTVBALA
    a. Set f_auth_payments <> 0 (this was>=0 in XTVBALA)
  2. Create job in UC4 to run every morning
    a. Exclude the scheduled drop dates
    b. Create new CE job at beginning of each new year (?)

    Steps 3 and 4 may no longer be necessary
  3. Update term selector in the following APEX Apps:                     (log in to "apps" workspace as ADMIN)
    a. (Student Services)
    b. (Business Office/VA)
  4. Update additional code in the AR app:
    a. DFNP Pre-Processing