ODBC connection to Oracle

    1. Download oracle instantclient basic and instantclient odbc (64bit)

    2. Unzip both TO SAME DIR (e.g. C:\instant_client) - keep the path simple (e.g. \\nic29176\c$\instant_client )

    3. Run odbc_Install.exe from the above folder (right-click, run as admin)

    4. Copy tnsnames.ora into this dir with desired connections; add entries if already exists

    5. Go to Advanced system settings (Control Panel\System and Security\System); click Environment Variables

    6. Add TNS_ADMIN w/path to instant client (top panel, var name; var path)    AS NEW VARIABLE (?)

    7. Edit Add Path in bottom panel ( C:\instant_client\instantclient_11_2 )

    8. Open ODBC data sources (64-bit)

    9. (if you encounter "ODBC driver could not loaded due system error code 14001" error, download and install:

        Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update 


    10. Add System DSN using "Oracle in instant client..." driver; name it ODSP, or whatever appropriate name

    IF Oracle driver doesn't show up in ODBC list…


Using the ODBC connection from SAS

    1. Open SAS Enterprise Guide

    2. Go to File-->Open-->ODBC...     (Performance Warning! - click ok)

    3. From the Machine Data Source tab, click the desired ODBC connection; click OK

    4. Enter name/password; OK    [user: ]                     ***IR uses IRDEAN, IRANALYST, IRANALYST2, IRANALYST3

Wait for it...    (accessible tables/views list pops up)