OIC Path to Completion

First Stop: The OIC Class Itself – Where You’re the Student

Instructions: Locate the OIC course (the course you’re taking to complete your online instructor certification) by typing in OIC in the course search bar at the top of your D2L navbar. This is the OIC course that will provide you with information and assessments that will lead to certification.

Work in the OIC Class



Take the Syllabus Quiz and earn 100%



Complete the Structure Worksheet and post it in the Structure Discussion



Take the UDL quiz



Take the Self-assessment quiz




Second Stop: Sandbox – Where You’re the Instructor

Instructions: Locate your sandbox (your final project course) by typing in OIC and your last name into the course search bar at the top of your D2L navbar. This is an empty shell that the OIC course requires you to use for the following tasks. 

Building in Your Own OIC Sandbox



Add a module to Course Materials>Content called “Orientation”



Create a file in the “Orientation” module and title it “Meet Your Professor”



Write the “Online Teaching Philosophy” and post it in the “Meet Your Professor” topic



Add your photo and an additional introduction to yourself in the “Meet Your Professor” topic



Add your photo and content to your Brightspace (D2L) profile



Add a syllabus (in the Academic Affairs-approved template format) to the Syllabus link in D2L (under Course Materials)



Modify your homepage to eliminate white-space and feature the most important content in your course



Add a second module that provides (1) a file with text and media, (2) a link to a website, (3) a YouTube video that is embedded, and (4) a Quicklink to an existing activity in the online classroom



Create a discussion forum and topic



Create a quiz



Create a Dropbox item



Set up grades



Create a Rubric



Associate the rubric w/ a dropbox folder in your course



Set a Release condition on the same Dropbox folder so that it opens only after students have completed another action in the course




Sandbox Checklist - 10 Quality Standards

Instructions: Prior to finalizing your project and submitting it for review, make sure the course reflects the 10 elements needed as a minimum for an online classroom.







Instructor Profile



News/Getting Started






Communication Plan






Attendance-confirmation Assignment



Peer-to-peer Engagement






Media/ Welcome Video




The Finish Line: The Most Important Step

Email online@nwfsc.edu to notify Learning Technologies that you have completed the OIC course and project. In the email, let us know which course we should evaluate. We will respond within 24 hours with feedback.



If you have questions about completing any parts of the OIC or your project course, request assistance at support.nwfsc.edu, our support ticketing system. We’ll be glad to assist.