To change your greetings on ANY campus/center phone line (You may also follow the prompts instead of doing the following):

  1. Dial 2000 *
  2. Dial ID (your extension you want to change the greeting on) then #.
  3. Dial PIN then #.  Password may be default (091806) or another password provided to you. If you do not know your password contact the helpdesk.  
  4. Press 4 for setup options.
  5. Press 1 to create/change the greeting.
  6. Press 1 to record the current greeting.
  7. Press 3 to edit other greetings (if there is more than 1 active greeting)
  8. Press 4 to hear all greetings
  9. Speak the greeting.  Prepare it ahead of time so it will sound professional.
  10. Press * to exit
  11. Dial your extension to check your message is the way you want. 


To change your greetings on your own phone, press the Messages button and your Pin then # and follow step 4 – 10 above.