Teamviewer Instructions



  1. You should receive an Email/Ticket Update containing a link like the following:



If you get the first link:

  1. You should be directed to a web page where you receive a “Run/Save” dialog. (Ex. From Edge)
  2. You should select “Run” if possible. If not select Save and Run the file once it finishes downloading.

  3. You should then see an image providing you with an ID and a Password.

  4. You’re going to provide these two things to your technician so that they can connect.

  5. You’re going to be prompted with a “Yes”/”Allow” or “No” window.
     Please click “Yes” or “Allow”, depending on your options.

  6. Teamviewer is going to restart, and give you another window like before. 
     This time your password will be different, please provide this to your technician.

  7. You connection should be initiated shortly after.
     If you see any dialog boxes come up, please wait a moment for the technician to input their credentials unless otherwise directed.



If you receive the second type of link:

  1. You may be directed to a website with either a download/run dialog
    In which case Run the file, or Save and Run after the download completes. OR
     You may receive a page that provides you with two options “Full Client” or “Quick Support.” Please select Quick Support.

  1. You should now be given one of two different screens:


If you get the window on the right, please see the other set of instructions.

  1. If you get the window on the left, please wait for a “Yes”/”Allow” window to popup, select “Yes” or “Allow” once it does.


  1. Your technician should now be connected.