Teamviewer Instructions


  1. In the Full Client of Teamviewer you’re going to select the “Computers and Contacts” tab.



  2. You’re then going to select the Create New option and then “Create Session Code”.

  3. You’ll see the new session populate under “My Computers”

  4. You’re going to select “Invite…” on the right side, bringing up:

    Provide this link to the user, via email or ticket update.

  5. Once the user runs the executable, you’ll see them come online.


    Select “Remote Control” – “using Windows authentication” 

  6. You should be prompted for credentials, preface your username with NWFSC\

  7. The client on the users side should restart giving you the following message at the bottom of the client:

  8. Once they reconnect you should see it and receive a notification.

  9. Connect with Windows Login again and re-enter your credentials.



This should connect you to the user with Full UAC Access, without needing to pass IDs or Passwords back and forth.