When using the email button on Banner 9 CRN Listing> Class List on an iPad or iphone, the addresses are put into the BCC line and separated by semi-colons. Apple mail requires a comma between addresses and generates an invalid address error.

When using the email all button on a Macbook, Apple Mail, and Chrome the following problems can be experienced. The problem has occurred with Apple Mail and Gmail, and with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This has was not reproducible on non-Mac laptops.

There is a message presented to the user that not all names had an email. The user is asked if they want to continue
• Addresses were in BCC field but were in one clump and the user cannot hit enter
• ‘;’ was the delimiter, but user cannot place cursor at any point within short list

If the entire email list is copied and pasted into a Word file, it looks like the following. Note the presence of the odd “semicolon” and “close quotation mark” before the last email.

"<>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; ;" <>

If the user removes the semicolon and quotation mark and recopies and pastes the list back into the email, it works correctly.