uBlock Origin is an independent and open-source ad-blocker relying on a curated list of servers. It prevents your browser from connecting to these servers to serve you ads. 

How to block ads on a particular website:

1.) Click on the Extensions icon in the upper right corner of Chrome

2.) Select uBlock Origin from the list

3.) This will show you what is currently being blocked on this site

4.) If you need to turn off uBlock Origin for a particular site, simply click on the large power button to disable, then click the Refresh symbol to reload the page

5.) In the center of the webpage underneath the UBlock origin message, click on the button that says "Permanently"

6.) Click the Refresh symbol to reload the page 

7.) Select the different icons on the uBlock Origin tool bar for more blocking options

  • Block all popups on this site
  • Block large media element on this site
  • Disable cosmetic filtering on this site
  • Block remote fonts on this site
  • Disable JavaScript on this site