In an effort to drastically increase NWFSC’s IT security posture, we are excited to announce a new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature for all full-time and part-time employee logins.

Essentially, MFA combines something you know (your password) with something you have (your phone). By combining these authentication factors, we have increased account security by orders of magnitude compared to just a password alone.


What this means for you:

When logging in to your NWFSC account, you will be prompted to set up a second form of authentication. Typically, this will be by entering your cell phone number and receiving a one-time use text message that confirms your identity. Or you can add your office phone and receive a phone call to confirm your identity. Once this second factor is set up, you may be prompted at future login attempts for your second factor. 

  • Open up your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc) and type in into the URL at the top of the page.





  • At the top of the college's webpage there is a link for your Outlook e-mail account. Select this option and log in with your NWFSC email and password.





  • Once you have logged into your Outlook e-mail at the top of the screen you will see the search bar. To the right of the search bar you will see your Profile Icon. Right-click your profile icon and select view account.



  • On the next page you will see a list of options to your left and tiles in the middle of the page that represents the same options that are listed. Select Security Info either by selecting from the list to the left or from the tiles that are listed towards the center of the page.



  • After selecting Security Info, you will be brought to another page that shows a list of methods that you currently have available.



How to Add an Office Phone onto your Account for Verification 


  • In this location, you can change your default method and/or add additional methods.



  • Here you can also delete phones that you no longer use or update a number to a current phone.



  • In addition, you are also afforded the option to add additional phones such as your office phone or a secondary cell phone to your list of methods.




  • Here you would enter the office phone number that you wish to be used. When using this method you will receive a phone call on your office phone. When receiving this phone call simply answer the call and follow the prompts given.