Before you begin:

These instructions are intended for those who have been granted the Reviewer role inside of Workflow. Currently, that list is restricted to the NWFSC President, Vice Presidents, and Executive Director of Human Resources. These instructions are for assisting those individuals in reviewing PAFs and other forms inside Workflow.

If you encounter any issues, please 
submit a ticket to or email IT Support for additional troubleshooting.

Without further ado...

Step 1.

Once inside Workflow, look to the left-hand side and find Advance Search. Click it.

Step 2. 

If you already know the case number of the PAF you wish to view, you can skip to Step 4 below. 

Otherwise, we'll need to find it; start by clicking the Add Filter button. You can select from the list whichever filter to use. In most cases, selecting By Case Thread Title will suffice, but you can select as many or few as you like. Some notes on all options available:

  • Case Thread Title - This is the title of the case. With PAFs, this is typically the name of the employee for whom the form was made.
  • Status -  This is the current status of the case. Valid options include...
    • Draft - The original form author has not yet submitted the form for approval.
    • To do - The form is making its way through the workflow and is currently awaiting approval from one or more individuals.
    • Completed - The form has reach the end of the workflow and has been approved.
    • Cancelled - The form did not finish and was cancelled for whatever reason.
  • Process Name - This is the name of the form. With PAFs, it is Personnel Action Form. Other options include Grade Change, Flex Schedule Request, etc. 
  • Task - This is the current task of the case in the workflow. Typically, it will be the department or personnel from whom approval is awaited, i.e. AAVP, Comptroller, etc.
  • Current User - This is the current user assigned to the case. Users are known by their NWFSC usernames/emails. In most cases, this is effectively the same as Task.
  • Start and Finish Date - This is either the date on which the case was first submitted or when it completed the workflow, respectively. You can enter a range to see all forms that fall between two dates.
  • Participation - This is the original author of the form.
  • Process Category - This is the category under which the form falls. For NWFSC, this is either Human Resources or Faculty.

Click the filter(s) you'd like to use. Selected filters will have a purple checkmark displayed to their left, as shown in the example below. Once all desired filters have been selected, click the Save button.

Step 3.

The selected filter(s) should now appear in the search bar as boxes; click inside any filter box. In the new window that appears, enter your search criteria  In the below example, we use By Case Thread Title and enter the name of the employee whose PAF we wish to view. After entering the criteria, click Save and then click the Search (magnifying glass) button on the right-hand side. You'll now see a list of all cases that match your entered search criteria. Note the Case # field in the first column on the left.

Step 4.

Enter the case number in the case search bar located at the top-center of the page. Then, click the Jump button. This will display the case in a new window.

Step 5.

Once the case has loaded, locate the Information dropdown menu in the upper-left corner; click it. In the new menu that appears, find and click the DynaForms option. 

Step 6.

In the new tab that opens, you'll find a list of all DynaForms associated with the case. For purposes of reviewal, Personnel Action Approval is what we are after. The others are mostly artifacts of the workflow. Determine which form you'd like to view, and click it. You should see a checkmark appear next to it and the entire item become highlighted, as shown in the example below. Next, click the Preview option just above the list.

Step 7.

Finally, the entire PAF and approval chain with comments should be opened in a new tab. Happy reviewing!