Thanks for your question about adding captions to your video! I see you uploaded it as an mp4. While captions don't automatically transfer with that format, I have three options to help:

  1. Automatic Captions with Kaltura:
    • Upload your video to Kaltura within your course.
    • Kaltura will automatically generate captions within 24 hours.
    • No extra steps needed! Just share the video link directly in Canvas.
  2. Unlisted YouTube Video with Captions:
    • Upload your video to YouTube.
    • YouTube will automatically generate captions within 24 hours.
    • Set the video to "unlisted" to keep it private within your class.
    • Click "share," then "embed," and copy the embed code.
    • Paste the embed code into the Canvas embed function.
  3. Use Clipchamp: Clipchamp is a free online video editor that allows you to add captions to your video manually. This option gives you more control over the caption appearance and timing, but requires some editing effort. 
    • Upload your video to Clipchamp (a free online tool).
    • Clipchamp will automatically generate captions.
    • Export the video as an MP4 with the captions burned in.
    • Upload the new MP4 with captions directly to Canvas.


All three options will provide your students with captioned video. The best choice depends on your needs:

  • For ease and embedded captions: Kaltura
  • For automatic generation and platform familiarity: YouTube
  • For customization and control: Clipchamp

If Kaltura sounds like the best fit, you can find detailed instructions in our Video playlist here: Instructional Video Playlist

Alternatively, here's a quick guide for using YouTube:

  • Upload your video to YouTube, following their privacy guidelines.
  • Review and edit the automatically generated captions for accuracy.
  • Copy the embed code from the "Share" button under your video.
  • In your Canvas course, paste the code into the "Embed" option where you want to add the video.

For more detailed instructions and helpful resources, check out:


While we don't have specific Clipchamp instructions yet, their website has helpful tutorials: If you're comfortable exploring new tools, it might be worth checking out.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reply to this message or reach out to me by emailing and just put "To: Tim for video questions" in the subject.